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Un nuova vita Santo Domingo

A programme, conceived as a tailored suit, designed for your needs and requirements.

Relocating,  but above all integrate, live and relate in this beautiful country,
which like all places in the world has its rules, its culture,
its positives and negatives, because in the Dominican Republic not everything is "beach and merengue" !

If you wish, we will help you and follow you in every step:
- Real estate search.
- How the sale of a property works.
- Bank account opening.
- How health care and insurance policies work.
- Legal and tax aspects.
- The schools.
- The construction of a house in the Dominican Republic.

- Learn Spanish
The key to integration lies in relating, which is why we thought of including a basic Spanish course in our services,  where the ways of doing things, the Dominican culture, real life will be explained.


Investments, doing business, start a company, in the Dominican Republic.

- Market analysis.
- Real estate investments.
- Banking investments.
- Legal and tax aspects.
- Opening of companies in the Dominican Republic.
- The work, the relationship with the employees.

Investimenti Santo Domingo
Problemi in Repubblica Dominicana


Manage concerns and contingencies with reliable information, reputable references. 
A team of carefully selected professionals makes the difference on the outcome of your experience, solving issues such as:

- Bad investments
- real estate disputes
- migratory problems
- legal controversies
... and more

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