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For us members of Se Crea srl solidarity is very important, therefore some year ago with other friends, we have founded, in Dominican Republic,  the Italian Solidarity Rescue Aid Foundation -  A.S.S.IT     The objective of the foundation is to improve the living conditions and security of the local and foreign community in the Dominican Republic, through the collective management and solidale of cases of proven emergency.  
A.S.S.IT. is No Profit and Apolitical,  an independent organization 

As Se Crea srl we dedicate part of our work to the Foundation, for example:
- AIRE (Italian Registry of Foreign Residents) registration procedures
- Renovate Dominican residences
- Relations with the Italian Embassy in the Dominican Republic.

These activities are carried out free of charge, with a free donation to the foundation, the proceeds of which will go to charity projects.


Solidarity in the Dominican Republic
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