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About us

A few years ago, just like you are doing now, we made a decision, driven by desire and necessity, to create a new life project for ourselves and our family in the Dominican Republic. We evaluated, chose, organized, and desired every detail of our relocation and stay.

We set off with luggage full of good reasons, expectations, dreams, trust, and fears. We can assure you that, although today we can say that things have gone well with a bit of luck and a bit of virtue, we would have wished to handle fewer concerns and fewer surprises by receiving what we are offering to you today: reliable information, referenced contacts, guaranteed investments

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We would have thus saved a lot of time and economic as well as emotional resources because, you know, over many years we have met people who have managed to prosper here, while many others have returned disappointed and sometimes desperate to their country of origin after losing their capital and dreams due to wrong encounters, inaccurate information, or simply, due to unawareness. We are here for this reason... because we know that on the other side of the world, sooner or later, far from the affections and identity we have built over time, it is normal to feel vulnerable and insecure, and that is precisely the moment when it is important to be accompanied and supported in creating sustainable projects for ourselves. Approaching and integrating with respect and gratitude to the rules, culture, and resources of this country can really make a difference in the outcome of your experience. This is a wonderful place where time and space expand to allow you to enjoy the beauty inside and outside of you. Make each step solid so that one day you can call it "Home."

Our task is to ensure maximum transparency, reliability and competence, 

in guiding you through the relocation effectively and honestly.

Contact us today for a first consultation

and find out how we can customize our services according to your needs.

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