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Reviews from our Facebook page :
Dominican Help Desk by Se Crea Srl

Great idea guys, you are great! As soon as me, Machi and the girls decide to change the air, we will certainly entrust ourselves to you          -  Gianluca D.

I've known Massimo and Miriam for some time...and I must say that for the time they've been here...they're a well of useful and true information, congratulations to all 

Today I have to change my review....but for the better.

I can confirm that Massimo is a very truthful help,

talk to him ... he knows how to answer all your questions ... as if he has always lived here, with his calm ... he explains everything there is to know and even more ... so thank you for heart Massimo.... besos.         - Manuela B.

I have known Massimo and Miriam for years.

Certainly serious people, reliable and who get to the root of the problem. If the Dominican Republic is in your dreams, they can certainly help you.

Marco B.​

The best to rely on! Always informed and up to date... you can always trust Miriam and Massimo!          - Patrizia C.
Miriam and Massimo ...1 couple ... a guarantee.   If I had the idea of going over there, I would undoubtedly know who to ask for info.        - Patrizia P.
Thank you so much! Me and my partner needed transportation in DR from town to town. Dominican help desk helped us to arrange car and driver with very resonable price! We can highly recommend their services!       - Jaana L.
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