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Buying a house in the Dominican Republic

You can find endless offers of real estate in the Dominican Republic, the "villas of our dreams", swimming pool, Jacuzzi, tropical gardens, amazing views at competitive prices, but what do you know about buying a property in the Dominican Republic?

Most people think that the laws governing the purchase and sale of real estate are similar to those in their home country, it is almost normal to think so, but the reality is quite different, just behind situations that to our way of thinking should be obvious, are hidden real scams, or simply many things that could change your mind, are hidden from you to accomplish the sale.

For example, did you know that in the Dominican Republic, the notary who executes the deed, unless specifically instructed otherwise, only certifies the signatures!

If the property is not in good condition, it is not "his job" to inform you, except for a specific appraisal assignment, commissioned by the buyer, but beware in the vast majority of cases the notary is proposed to you by the realtor ... to you the appropriate deductions.

Nevertheless, the real estate jurisdiction has precise laws to protect the buyer, but one must be familiar with them and have affinity with the Dominican system, for example:

What is a "DESLINDE" process?

What is a "TITULO de PROPIEDAD"?

What is a "CARGA y GRAVAMEN" certificate?

What guarantee should a manufacturer give me?

For example, if you buy in a community or in a condominium, the rules must be attached to the deed and even better if they are attached directly to the certificate of ownership, and it is in the rules that many of the unspoken are hidden, duty that you then have to fulfill , since here a condominium can be treated in a very different way than in Europe, for example, making it seem as if you are not the owner.

That is why it is very important to be well informed and to be followed by a professional who is really on your side, the real estate agent, in most cases (not all, there are still very professional real estate agents) , thinks only of his percentage (which is given by the seller), with his affable way, he will always tell you that "there is no problem" to any of your requests, in an interested way he will appease all your uncertainties ... and then once cashed in abandon you!

Good business with all the assurances of the case can be done, but you have to know the rules, the laws, know the language, have someone to really assist you, to do your interests, this is the spirit of us at Se Crea Srl, offer you competence and tutelage!

Please do not hesitate to contact us, even if it is only for an informational interview.

- Se Crea Srl +1 829 915 0035 - +1 849 850 1717

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