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Expat Life, Integration in the Dominican Republic

The ability to integrate, that is, to fit into a community, through the process of socialization, to fully understand the dynamics and balance of a society, requires commitment and study.

Moving to a new country is undoubtedly a great opportunity, but there are cultural, psychological and economic-social obstacles to be taken into account, which can be the cause of misunderstandings, discomfort and suffering.

The first step towards integration is undoubtedly communication, i.e. having a good command of the language, in our case Spanish, is not enough for "survival" communication, i.e. knowing how to shop for groceries or order in a restaurant, but being able to communicate in more complex situations, such as in public offices, hospitals, and with professionals such as notaries and lawyers, is essential. Language barriers, as well as cultural backgrounds and contexts, can have an active influence, leading to differences in communication, both verbal and non-verbal, and to completely misinterpretations.

The process of social integration is complicated by the tendency to consider one's own culture, one's own customs, as superior to those of the community into which one is being introduced; to overcome these tendencies, it is essential to create a network of intercultural acquaintances and to rely on serious people who have lived in the country for many years and have achieved a certain degree of genuine integration.

Se Crea SRL's counseling project is also based on promoting integration and understanding the values of others, with the goal of creating a climate of mutual acceptance so that your new life in the Dominican Republic will be full of good experiences.

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